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 Volume-4, Issue-4, Apr-2017

Title:  Uncertainty and Detection Limit of Analysis Results in ko-ENAA

Authors:  F.T. Sheyin

Page: 1-9

Title:  Review:Influence Maximization of Viral Marketing on Social Network

Authors: Sanchita Sunil Wagh, Hemangini Champalal Chaudhari,Payal Ravindra Jagtap andJuili Milind Kulkarni

Page: 10-14

Title:  Student Performance Prediction Using Classification Data Mining Techniques

Authors: Vinaya Patil, Shiwani Suryawanshi, Mayur Saner and Viplav Patil

Page: 15-18

Title:  Mechanism of Learning and Recognition of On-Premise Signs Using Clustering Approach

Authors: Sagar S. Rajebhosale, Priyanka B. More, Akshara Y.Ghule, Minaz A. Shaikh and Pooja R. Patil

Page: 19-22

Title:  Secure and Robust Data Security Using Multiple Digital Cover Objects

Authors: Mohini A. Borole, Madhuri R. Patil, Pooja A. Chaudhari, Jidnyasa S. Bhirud and Kanchan S. Mahajan

Page: 23-25

Title:  Keywords Extraction from Crime Information Using Miscellaneous Data Sources

Authors: Dhanashri Chaudhari, Vrushali Malvadkar, Sucheta Jadhav and Ankush Pandit

Page: 26-29

Title:  Experimental Investigation of Sheet Metal Forming Without Blank Holder Using Punch Stamping Process

Authors: Virendra Kumar Kushwaha, Vivek Babele, Deep Narayan Verma

Page: 30-38

Title:  Real Time Face Detection and Tracking Using OpenCV

Authors: Prof. P Y Kumbhar, Mohammad Attaullah, Shubham Dhere, Shivkumar Hipparagi

Page: 39-43