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 Volume-4, Issue-2, Feb-2017

Title:  A Nutritional Profile of Kashmiri Women

Authors: Dr. Nighat Nasreen

Page: 1-9

Title:  Effect of KSVM Algorithm in Brain Tumor Detection and Extraction Using MRI Images

Authors: Prof. P Y Kumbhar1, Hardik Shah2, Nagnath Bandgul3 and Kartik Dargad4

Page: 10-14

Title:  Online Website Generator

Authors: Sarvesh Manjrekar, Gandikota Adityaprakash Srinivasrao, Ayan Khan and Yogesh Biradar

Page: 15-18

Title:  Design and Analysis of Blast Resistance Sandwich Composite Wall

Authors: C.Sashidhar and M.Jaya Geethanjali

Page: 19-26

Title:  Comparative Analysis of MPPT for Solar Power System Implementing Fuzzy Logic and PID Controller

Authors: Saiyad Asad Ali Naqvi  and  Shuchi Shukla

Page: 27-32

Title:  Study and Analysis of Controller for PMSM 

Authors: A.Mahendran, S.Neelan and T.Ilansezhian

Page: 33-37

Title:  Segmentation of Brain Tumor for MRI Images

Authors: Mr.K.M.Dange, Ms.Shilpa Patil, Ms.Jyoti Thorat, Ms.Alfaj Ladkhan and Ms.Nilam Edake

Page: 38-41