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 Volume-3, Issue-5, May-2016

Title:  Prototype Design of Broadcast AM Radio Communication System

Authors: Prabhu Chandan Tripathy and Preeti Nibedita Sahu
Page: 1-3

Title:  DRC Scheme with Duty- Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks (DC-WSNs)

Authors: S. Malathi, R.Kalaiselvi and Mrs. S.S.Sathya Asst. Prof

Page: 4-9

Title:  Process Standardization for Preparation of Soy Nog

Authors: Rashmi Dixit, Tanya Singh, Neha Chaudhary and Sachnin Karoulia

Page: 10-13

Title:  Pulsed Latch Based Low Power and Delay Effective Shift Register Using Trigger Generator

Authors: Anisha D and Mrs. Nirmala Devi. K

Page: 14-18

Title:  Determination of Curved Beam Deflection by Using Castigliano’s Theorem

Authors: Yogesh Gangamwar, Vinit Deo, Sumit Chate, Makarand Bhandare and Prof. H.N. Deshpande

Page: 19-24

Title:  Study on Sensory Evaluation, Retention & Shelf Life of Buckwheat (Fagopyrum Esculentum) Potato Based Rolls.

Authors: Namrata Verma, Sachin Karoulia and Neha Chaudhary

Page: 25-30

Title:  The Analysis of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Water in Krishna River at Bhuinj, Satara
Authors: Mr.Prashant R. Narayane, Dr.Sunil B.Thakare and Prof.Sagar M.Gawande

Page: 31-35

Title:  Multi-User Interference Cancellation Schemes for Carrier Frequency Offset Compensation in Downlink System

Authors: Mrs. P.Geetha and M.Nivetha

Page: 36-39

Title:  Implementation of FPGA Based on Aircraft Types Detection in Video using ANN Classifier

Authors: Mahalakshmi R and Elakkiya A

Page: 40-44

Title:  Robust Representation and Visual Recognition of Speech through Lip Movement Using Extreme Sparse Learning
Authors: JoannaJoy M and Indumathi S

Page: 45-49