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 Volume-3, Issue-4, Apr-2016

Title:  Performance Analysis of Bicycle Driven By Gear and Shaft Transmission System

Authors: Vijayan.S.N, Prabin.K.B, Venkatasubramanian.D, Pon madasamy.M and Sakthivel.M

Page: 1-5

Title:  ME Dipole Antenna Array in Planar Configuration using CRLH transmission line

Authors: U.Vinitha

Page: 6-10

Title:  Design and Simulation of Low Power Sal Implementation to Reduce Static Power

Authors: C. Vimala Devi, S. Surya and Mr. S. Sathya Moorthy Asst. Prof

Page: 11-13

Title:  An Experimental Study on Strength Parameters of Nano Alumina and GGBS on Concrete

Authors: Karthikeya Rao.U and G.Senthil Kumar

Page: 14-18

Title:  Participatory Intervention promoting Health and Safety aspects among Women Construction Workers in Coimbatore City

Authors: Dr. Sagufta Ahmed and Dr. S. Visalakshi Rajeswari

Page: 19-26

Title:  Power Consumption and Residential Monitoring From Solar PV System


Page: 27-32

Title:  Shear Strength of Steel Reinforced Recycled Concrete Short Columns Subjected to Cyclic Loading

Authors: R Dinesh Kumar and H.Thiagu

Page: 33-38

Title:  Study on Behavior of Blast Load on Structure under Different Medium

Authors: S.Karthik and A.Vijay

Page: 39-46

Title:  Study on Strength Parameters of Partial Replacement of Cement by Fly Ash, Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag & Hybrid Fibers in Concrete


Page: 47-53

Title:  Design and Simulation of Low-Power Reconfigurable RCA and CLA by Using DMFA and HBFA

Authors: M.Manikandan and Shiju C Chacko

Page: 54-58