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 Volume-3, Issue-3, Mar-2016

Title:  A Systematic Survey on Various Techniques Used in Automatic Test Case Generation

Authors: Karambir and Ajay Jangra and Shilpi

Page: 75-82

Title:  Filtering Mechanism for Preventing Malicious Web Services and Recommendation of Effective Web Service Selection using Feedback System

Authors: Dr. Pradeep Gurunathan, B. Jayabharathi, S. Gothainayagi and P. Kamalini

Page: 83-87

Title:  5th Generation Seamless Handoff in Heterogeneous Network with Effective Sensing

Authors: Karthigeyan H, Bhuvanesh N, Govindarajalu A and Naazim M.P

Page: 88-93

Title:  Data Intendance and Divination of Patient Health Record in Cloud Computing

Authors: Prof.S.Pandiarajan, N.Ramya and P.Monisha

Page: 94-98

Title:  Efficient and Secure Vehicle Transportation Using RF

Authors: Prasanth. M, Sathiyaraj.N, Vignesh.S and Munusamy.S

Page: 99-104

Title:  Wireless Sensor Based Energy Conservation via Zigbee

Authors: Vijay Chandrakant Pawar, Amol Milind Mane, Pankaj Rajendra Shete, Swapnil Vijaykumr Kshirsajar and Mr. K.N Patil


Title:  Railway Track Damage Detection Robot

Authors: Aniket Koli, Vishal Nikam, Sangram Patil and Arati Pujari

Page: 110-112

Title:  Smart e-Health Monitoring and Maintenance Using Cloud

Authors: Ms.V.Anupriya, K.karthick Raja, M.Mohammed Noufal and M.M.Praveen Kumar

Page: 61-65

Title:  Perception of Ziegler Nichols Method for Tuning Of Hydraulic Governor

Authors: Priyanka and Harmeet Singh Gill

Page: 66-69

Title:  Layout Design of Single Edge Triggered D Flip Flop for Power and Area Reduction by Different Techniques

Authors: N. Sreenivasa Rao M. Harika D. Dharani G. Kiranmai and A. Jahnavi

Page: 70-74