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 Volume-3, Issue-1, Jan-2016

Title:  Progesterone Profile of Female Arabian Tahr (Hemitragus Jayakari) Before, During and After Pregnancy Using ELISA

Authors: Adnan Naim

Page: 1-5

Title:  An Experimental Investigation & Analysis of Gear Component Manufactured By 3D Printing & Conventional Process-A Review
Authors: Preeti Karmase Prof. Y.B.Chaudhary

Page: 6-10

Title:  Design and Mould Flow Analysis of Injection Mould for Luggage Bag Wheel - A Review
Authors: Sonali Dinkar Mate and Prof. V. L. Kadlag

Page: 11-15

Title:  A Survey of Intrusion Detection Systems and Secure Routing Protocols in Wireless SensorNetworks
Authors: Prachi Dewal, Gagandeep Singh Narula and Vishal Jain

Page: 16-20

Title:  Damping Evaluation of Conventional and Composite Plates using Different Structures-A Review
Authors: Sayali C. Kadbhane and Prof. N. K. Kharate

Page: 21-27

Title:  Performance and Analysis of Bonded, Riveted, Hybrid Joint - A Review
Authors: Mugdha V. Bhadak and Prof. A. B. Kakade

Page: 28-31