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 Volume-2, Issue-9, Sep-2015

Title:  Study and Comparative Analysis of Fast Motion Estimation Algorithms for Video Compression 

Authors: Mohd. Rasid, Shriprakash Dwivedi, Hardwari Lal Mandoria

Page: 1-9

Title:  GA-based Optimized Routing Design in Wireless Sensor Networks 

Authors: Jose Anand and Renuka Devi

Page: 10-15

Title:  Insertion Loss Prediction and Monitoring for SAW Delay-line  

Authors: M. M. Elsherbini, M. F. Elkordy, and A. M. Gomaa

Page: 16-18

Title:  Haemato- Biochemical Analysis of Goats Naturally Infected with Peste Des Petits Ruminants 

Authors: Sutopa Das, Rita Nath, V Balamurugan, R Choudhury and M.Devi

Page: 19-24

Title:  Foam Concrete as A Green Building Material 

Authors: Ashish S. Moon, Dr. Valsson Varghese, S. S. Waghmare

Page: 25-32

Title:  Comparative Study between Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology and Excisional/Incisional Biopsy of Various Swellings of the Body 

Authors: Dr. Tafseer Ali, Prof. Anis Ismail, Prof. Rana K Sherwani and Dr. Albina

Page: 33-38

Title:  Smartphone-Based Wound Assessment System for Patients with Diabetes 

Authors: Saranya.M, Sowndhariya.S , Jeyakodi.T and Sathya.J

Page: 39-52

Title:  Smartphone and Sensor Based Drunk Driving Prevention System 

Authors: Piyush Vinay Phalak, Shashank Kowekar and Shruti Joshi

Page: 53-58

Title:  Automated Result Processing System: A Case Study of Nigerian University

Authors: Beka, Ajayatuma. P . and   Beka  Francis. T.

Page: 59-68

Title:  Reservoir Characterization of Asgard Well 640/2-2 in the North Sea

Authors: Damilola Olusola,   Beka, F.T, Abrakasa,S

Page: 69-77