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 Volume-2, Issue-8, Aug-2015

Title:  Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on Financial Performance of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Mysore and Bangalore Region

Authors: Ravi K. S and Dr. SantoshKumar A. N

Page: 1-5

Title:  Review on: Enhancement on Finger Vein Using Segmentation and SVM

Authors: Kirandeep Kaur and Shashi Bhushan

Page: 6-11

Title:  Physical & Morphological Properties of Rice Husk Epoxy Composites

Authors: V K Joshi and Arun Kumar Chaudhary

Page: 12-18

Title:  Utilization of Waste Foundry Sand and Demolished Aggregate in making Pervious Concrete
Authors: R.B.Gadag, Ganganagouda. B. Patil and Shruthi.N

Page: 19-25

Title:  A Survey on Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining

Authors: G. Dharani Devi and Dr. A. Abdul Rasheed

Page: 26-31

Title:  End To End Delay and Packet Delivery Ratio Analysis of Leach Protocol In Wireless Sensor Network

Authors: Yogesh Kumar Dhingra and Hardwari Lal Mandoria

Page: 32-36

Title:  Rise of Security by Smart Sneakers

Authors: Parth Rupala, Shivani Oza and Vacha Shah

Page: 37-39

Title:  OMR Sheet Evaluation by Web Camera Using Template Matching Approach

Authors: Nalan Karunanayake

Page: 40-44

Title:  Modelling and Analysis of Cover Flange for Chiller Using Solid Work

Authors: Dinesh M. Ugle and Dr. M. J. Sheikh

Page: 45-51

Title:  Shadow Detection and Enhancement of Satellite Images Using Morphological Filtering and MRF

Authors: D. Prasanth Varma and B.Siva Hari Prasad

Page: 52-55