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 Volume-2, Issue-6, Jun-2015

Title:  Genetic Diversity: Its Importance and Analysis in Animals

Authors: Dr. Dhruba Jyoti Kalita

Page: 68-72

Title:  Impact of Oxide Thickness on Gate Capacitance, Drain Current and Transconductance—A Comprehensive Analysis on MOSFET, Nanowire FET and CNTFET Devices

Authors: Manas Tiwari, K K Sharma, Lokendra Singh Rawat and Vinod Chandra Kohli

Page: 73-85

Title:  Design of QoS Aware Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: Kalyani Khanke, Mithilesh Mahendra and Shraddha Mohod

Page: 86-91

Title:  Source Rock Characterisation of AGBADA Formation in Well Z, Offshore, Niger Delta, Nigeria

Authors: A. N. Asadu, O.O. Omo-Irabor and K. A. Ibe

Page: 92-100

Title:  Depositional Environment and Provenance of Outcropping Coastal Plain Sands in ABUDU and Environs, Southern Nigeria

Authors: A.N. Asadu, O.E Ominigbo and B. Overare

Page: 101-109

Title:  Secured Preserving of MRSE in Cloud Data

Authors: Dr. Mohammed Abdul Waheed, Lingaraj Veerappanavar and Mallappa Siragur

Page: 110-115

Title:  Potability and Quality Status of Water in FORCADOS Terminal, Niger Delta, Nigeria

Authors: Ikporukpo, B.T.J  and Omoboriowo, A.O

Page: 116-122

Title:  Water Quality Assessment of Hand-Dug Wells in AGBARHO, Delta State, Nigeria

Authors: A. N. Asadu, T.S. Daniya, W.N. Ofuyah, and O.J. Edemivwaye

Page: 123-129

Title:  CMOS Technology Approach an Efficient Wide Frequency Range by a Voltage Control Oscillator for Phase Lock Loop - A Review

Authors: Atul B. Khode and Prof. Mithilesh Mahendra

Page: 130-133

Title:  New Method for Online Frequency Response Function Estimation Using Circular Queue

Authors: Tejas V. Unavane and Dr. M. S. Panse

Page: 134-137