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 Volume-2, Issue-4, Apr -2015

Title:  Power Quality Improvement Using PI and Fuzzy Controller Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer

Authors: Parveen Saini and Vijay Kumar Garg

Page: 1-6

Title:  Effects of Cyber Crime and their Access Controls

Authors: G.Nageswara Rao, T.V.N.Giridhar and K.V.D.Kiran

Page: 7-14

Title:  Gesture Based Robotic Arm Control

Authors: Pallavi Patil, Minal Bahirat and Georgy Thomas

Page: 15-18

Title:  Improving Corrosion Resistance & Bond Strength of Rebars in Concrete with Sea Water

Authors: Deepa K S, Karthi R, Ganapathi K, Suresh R and Prabakaran V

Page: 19-23

Title:  Investigation into Beneficial Effect of Ketoconazole in Management of Complications Associated with Hyperlipidemia

Authors: Upasana Bhalani and Pravin Tirgar

Page: 24-29

Title:  Day Ahead Load Forecast in ISO New England Market and Ontario Market using a Novel ANN
Authors: A K Pandey, K B Sahay, D Chandra and M M Tripathi

Page: 30-40

Title:  Aspartame Determination in Soft Drinks

Authors: Ritu, Mamta Sharma, Shelly and Minakshi Sharma

Page: 41-44

Title:  Grid Connected Wind Power Generation System Using PI Based VSI Convertor with Different Types of Load

Authors: Parmjit and Ram Avtar

Page: 45-49

Title:  A Simple Two-Stage PCR Based Method to Construct Gene Disruption Cassette

Authors: V. Guru KrishnaKumar1 and A. Thirunavukkarasu

Page: 50-53

Title:  Dynamic Secret Based Wireless Smart Grid Encryption and Authentication Technique

Authors:  Ms. Shraddha Bagwe

Page: 54-58