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 Volume-2, Issue-1, January-2015

Title:  Knock Characteristics of Dual Fuel Engine using LPG as Primary Fuel using Cylinder Pressure Method

Authors: Jinson Paul and B.Rajeswari

Page: 1-6

Title:  A Review on Object Detection and Tracking Methods

Authors: Payal Panchal, Gaurav Prajapati, Savan Patel, Hinal Shah and Jitendra Nasriwala

Page: 7-12

Title:  Coordination Goals for Major Construction Project

Authors: Prof. T. P. Chaudhari and Prof. P. P. Bhangale

Page: 13-25

Title:  Review of Project Quality Plan

Authors: Prof. Col. B.K. Bhonde and Mr. A. F. Shaikh

Page: 26-34

Title:  Technical Review of Wireless Sensor Network and its Protocol

Authors: Jay G. Shah, Harsh A. Modi, Nachiket R. Dobariya, Apurva V. Desai, and Mr. Sandip Delwadkar

Page: 35-41

Title:  A Review on Design and Analysis of Two Wheeler Chassis

Authors: Gaurav Vasantrao Bhunte and Dr. Tushar R. Deshmukh

Page: 42-45

Title:  Leaf Recognition – A Technical Review

Authors: Anuja Vaidya, Divyesh Pujari, Harsh Desai, Krunal Borse and Sagar Patel

Page: 46-51

Title:  Rise of New SQL

Authors:  Hemang Tailor, Sushant Choudhary and Vinay Jain

Page:  52-58

Title:  Survey on Image Steganography Techniques

Authors: Nishant Pattani, Kishan Patel, Nirmal Patel, Kashyap Pandya and Amruta Patel

Page: 59-64

Title:  Women Employee Security System using GPS and GSM Based Vehicle Tracking

Authors: Poonam Bhilare,Akshay Mohite, Dhanashri Kamble, Swapnil Makode and Rasika Kahane

Page: 65-71