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 Volume-1, Issue-6, November-2014

Title:  Performance Evaluation of Improving Network Capacity with Optimized Cooperative (COCO) Topology Control Scheme in MANETS

Authors:  K. Sasikala, R. Reka and M. A. Prasath

Page: 1-7

Title:  Literature Review on Risk and their Components

Authors:  K.V.D.Kiran, Ramesh.Rayala, Sameer.Bodepudi and Uday.Dommaraju

Page: 8-12

Title:  Classification of Brain Tumor Using Discrete Wavelet Transform, Principal Component Analysis and Probabilistic Neural Network

Authors:  Swapnali Sawakare and Dimple Chaudhari

Page: 13-19

Title:  Analysis of Sequential Pattern Mining

Authors:  Nikhil Gundawar, Venkatesh Akolekar, Piyush Phalak, Akshay Gujar and L. A. Bewoor

Page: 20-23

Title:  Finite Element Analysis of Offshore Cable Guyed Monotower Subjected to Seismic Loading

Authors:  Najwa Amirah Hussim, Mohd Shahir Liew and Lee Hsiu Eik

Page: 24-32

Title:   Implementation of Data Mining for Vehicle Theft Detection using Android Application

Authors:   Sandesh Sharma, Praneetrao Maddili, Prajakta Bankar, Rahul Kamble and L. A. Deshpande

Page:  33-37

Title:   Processing of Natural Jute Fibres using Glow Discharge Plasma and its Characterization

Authors:   Bornali Sarma, Hari Prakash.N, Supin Gopi and Arun Sarma

Page:  38-46

Title:   A Literature Study on Finger Knuckle Matching Techniques

Authors:   Sivaranjani B, Yamini C and Jackulin Durairani A

Page:  47-52