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 Volume-2, Issue-2, February-2015

Title:  Inter-Vehicular Collision Detection and Avoidance using Ad-hoc Network

Authors: Gajendra Devdhara, Dhruti Gohil , Priyanka Akhade and Manish Vala

Page: 1-7

Title:  Performance of Diesel Engine using Blends of Conventional Diesel and Jatropha Bio-diesel as Alternative Fuel for

           Clean Environment

Authors: R. K. Yadav and S. L. Sinha

Page: 8-15

Title:  Analysis of Reasons for Stress on College Students using Combined Disjoint Block Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (CDBFCM)

Authors: G Anusha and P Venkata Ramana

Page: 16-21

Title:  Attendance Monitoring System Using ZigBee and RFID

Authors: Aslam Khan, Akshay Patil, Viral Shah and Mansi Kambli

Page: 22-25

Title:  A Literature Review on Threat and Vulnerability Mappings

Authors: K.V.D.Kiran, P.Krishna Chaitanya, B.Rahul Chowdary and V.Siva Naga Raju

Page: 26-29

Title:  Topological Optimization of 3D Structures by Optimality Criteria using ANSYS

Authors: Saurabh Bankoti, Naman Jain and Anadi Misra

Page: 30-35

Title:  Simulation of New 3-Time Slot QOSTBC for QPSK, 8-PSK and 16-QAM

Authors: Narendra Singh Thakur and Ritu Chauhan

Page: 36-40

Title:  Topological Optimization of Isotropic Material using Optimal Criteria Method

Authors: Naman Jain, Saurabh Bankoti and Rakesh Saxena

Page: 41-47

Title:  Sensor Based Eye Controlled Automated Wheelchair

Authors: Shreyasi Samanta and Mrs. R Dayana

Page: 48-51

Title:  Sentiment Analysis to Understand User Context in Web Document

Authors:  Arbaz Shaikh, Ruhan Shaikh and Tarang Gupta

Page: 52-54