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 Volume-1, Issue-4, September-2014

Title:  Neural Network Based Secured Transmission of Medical Images with Burrow’s- Wheeler Transform

Authors: Dr. M. Ramakrishnan, R. Sujatha

Page: 1-5

Title: Statistics Analysis for Cloud Partitioning using Load Balancing Model in Public Cloud


Page: 6-12

Title: To Study the Performance of Management Team for Construction Project

Authors: N. P. Narkhede, P. P. Bhangale

Page: 13-18

Title: Large Databases – Association Rule Mining

Authors:  Shraddha Wakchaware

Page: 19-26

Title: iLeaf: Leaf based Tree Recognition System

Authors: Archana Shirke, Parimita Das

Page: 27-34

Title: Review of Resist to Vampire Attack using Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor Network

Authors: Trupti  Borgamwar , Kanchan Dhote

Page: 35-40

Title: Review paper on design of distributed Energy Efficient and Reliable Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: Jayashri Gaurkar, Kanchan Dhote

Page: 41-46

Title: Acoustic Energy to Electrical Energy

Authors: K. Krishna Das, T. Gopi

Page: 47-50