Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest in publishing can be defined as conditions in which an individual holds conflicting or competing interests that could bias editorial decisions. Conflicts of interest may be the only potential or perceived, or they may be factual. Personal, political, financial, academic, or religious considerations can affect objectivity in numerous ways. The intent of disclosure is to allow others to make an informed decision about the existence and impact of potential conflicts of interest or bias, including the necessity for recusal or disqualification under extraordinary circumstances.


Editor and Reviewer Disclosures

  • The journal has established policies that require reviewers to reveal any potential personal or financial conflicts of interest with respect to the authors or content of manuscripts.
  • It is to affirm that reviewers have no conflicts. In case such conflicts exist, the journal declines those reviewers comment on the manuscript.
  • However, if editors and reviewers are colleagues of the author then the journal not allows to reviewing the manuscript.
  • All editors and reviewers who are reviewing the manuscript need to sign the conflict of interest disclosure form.
  • In extreme case, the journal reserves the rights to remove the member under violation of conflict of interest disclosures. 

Author’s Disclosures

  • They have no affiliations with or involvement in any organization or entity with any financial interest, or non-financial interest in the subject matter or materials discussed in this manuscript.
  • All authors must disclose any colleagues member of the journal or personal relation with the journal editorial and reviewer staff, or advisory board member, or with any journal staff. In case, at any time if the journal founds any authors violate the conflict of interest disclosures then manuscript or article which is in the process or published disqualify from the journal.
  • If manuscript published in that case journal remove the article and see the message “article removed under violation of conflict of interest disclosures”
  • All Authors are needs to sign the conflict of interest disclosures form of the journal.

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