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Volume-2 Special Issue-1, March-2015, MEDHA-2015

Title:  Wireless Charging technology and Basic Techniques

Authors: Miss. Rupali harshe and Prof. Priyanka Lokhande
Page:  15-18

Title:  A Review on Employee Monitoring Application Using Android Smartphone’s
Authors:  Neha S. Mankar, Sweeti M. Shambharkar and Asst. Prof. Priti P. Dafale
Page:  19-23

Title:  Combination of Sound Signature In3d Password Authentication

Authors:  Snehal Nimje and Ashvini Zade
Page:  28-32

Title:  Various Emerging Trends in Robotics Using Neural Networks
Authors:  Falguni Vyawahare, Riya Wadhwani and Kejal Sheth
Page:  33-36

Title: Social Recommendation in Location Based Social Network Using Text Mining
Authors:  Rodrigo Miranda Feitosa, André Luís Silva dos Santos, Sofiane Labidi Nilson Santos
Page:  37-42

Title:  Implementation Procedure for Mobile Number Portability

Authors: Shruti B. Gadkari and Sakshi S.Tundulwar

Page:  43-45

Title:  Review on Silent Sound Technology – an End to Noisy Communication

Authors:  Pooja P. Chavan and Prof. S. M. Inzalkar
Page:  46-48

Title:  Google as an Advance E-Learner
Authors:  Mrunal Shidurkar and Binal Savla

Page:  24-27

Title:  Online Attendance Management System Using RFID with Object Counter

Authors: Vaishnavi C. Mankar and Komal V. Khode
Page:  1-5

Title:  Online Code Compiler and Storage on Private Cloud

Authors: Swapnil Gaikwad, Priyanka L.Surkar and Heena Timande
Page: 6-10

Title:  Solution for Denial of Service Attack in VANET

Authors: Tejaswini Daf and Prof Avinash Jadhao

Page:  11-14