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>> DOI: 10.61515 (Prabodhanam Foundation)
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IJREST an international peer-reviewed journal in the field of Emerging Science and Technology published by the International Journal for Research in Emerging Science and Technology and the publisher is Prabodhanam Foundation. IJREST has been registered and assigned the ISSN (Online):2349-7610 by the National Science Library India and ISSN (NISCAIR). 

We provide the environment for young and professional researchers to publish their work on scholarly platforms. The journal scope focused on science,  engineering, and technology. The Journal basically focuses on original and review articles. The journal primarily focuses on the quality review article preparation and publication under the scope of the journal.

Conference Tieup:

IJREST Journal and Conference Server Network Tie-up Information

  • Conference organizer can tie-up their conferences under scope of Science, Engineering and Technology.
  • Conference organizer can tie-up their conferences with Journal with Conference Server Network (CSN).
  • In CSN conference organizer with the help of CSN author submit article, review the article, notify to author for modification, acceptance, rejection, reviewer assignment, review discussion and other process can did online.
  • All participated article published as conference proceeding in CSN with CC-BY 4.0 International License.
  • Some selected article from the conference will be published in journal without any APC (article processing fees), free publication.
  • All article published in CSN as conference proceeding will be publish in one e-book with ISBN (ISBN allocated by Library of ज्ञानम् (Gyanam), as publisher of Prabodhanam Foundation).
  • Title of the e-book is conference name and the year of the conference organized (e.g. The International conference on Artificial Intelligence-2023)
  • E-book editor team is conference organizer name, and publisher is by Library of ज्ञानम् (Gyanam), as publisher of Prabodhanam Foundation.
  • All the articles publish in conference are open access, and license under CC-BY 4.0.
  • Conference organizer mandatory to accept, and publish all articles in given template format of journal and CSN, also mandatory to follow Library of ज्ञानम् (Gyanam) references and citation guidelines.
  • Plagiarisms done by conference organizer at their end.
  • Copyright form signature at least by corresponding author of article.
  • Conference organizer mandatory to accept all Journals and CSN Policy and all update version of the policy, before and after tie-up.
  • All published article in conference and e-book of conference proceeding available permanently on Journal and CSN website.
  • After tie-up conference with CSN link (e.g. https://ijrest.net/csn/) will be provided, with all details updated their policies, template, registration, login etc,   some information regarding conference organizer need so it provided to us by organizer.
  • Conference organizer need to tie-up conference before 60 to 30 days at least, after tie-up 15-20 days link will online.
  • For more details click here
  • Contact with us on : editorinchief@ijrest.net | editorincheif.ijrest@gmail.com | Phone:+91-9403327077 | email: admin@prabodhanamfoundation.org | prabodhanamfoundation@gmail.com

IJREST also strictly adheres to the ethics and policies of 

  1. Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE: https://publicationethics.org/)
  2. World Association of Medical Editors (WAME: http://www.wame.org/policies)
  3. International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE: http://www.icmje.org/journals-following-the-icmje-recommendations/)
  4. Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT: http://www.consort-statement.org/)
  5. Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement (PEMS: https://journals.openedition.org/pistes/6149)
  6. The journal acknowledges the COPE committee guidelines, to handle day-to-day publication ethics and complaints. Click here to read about COPE guidelines

email: editorinchief@ijrest.net | editorincheif.ijrest@gmail.com

Publisher Office:
Prabodhanam Foundation
Plot No 133, Deulkar Market, Pavan Nagar No-2, Amravati, Maharashtra, Pin-444605, India.
email: admin@prabodhanamfoundation.org | prabodhanamfoundation@gmail.com


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