IJREST Adapt COPE Commitee Flowcharts

IJREST adapt the COPE commitee all flowchats to faced with cases of suspected misconduct.

01-Suspected redundant publication in a submitted manuscript
02-Suspected redundant publication in a published manuscript

03-Suspected plagiarism in a submitted manuscript

04-Suspected plagiarism in a published manuscript
05-Suspected fabricated data in a submitted manuscript
06-Suspected fabricated data in a published manuscript

07-Corresponding author requests addition of extra author before publication

08-Corresponding author requests removal of author before publication

09-Corresponding author request for addition of extra author after publication

10- Corresponding author request for removal of author after publication

11-What to do if you suspect ghost, guest or gift authorship

12-How to spot authorship problems

13-What to do if a reviewer suspects undisclosed onflict of interest (Col) in a submitted manuscript

14-What to do if a reader suspects undisclosed conflict of interest (CoI) in a published article

15-What to do if you suspect an ethical problem with a submitted manuscript

16-What to do if you suspect a reviewer has appropriated an author’s ideas or data

17-How to respond to whistle blowers when concerns are raised directly

18-How to respond to whistle blowers when concerns are raised via social media

All COPE Flowchart


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