Article Maintanance Cost

There are no fees of article processing, publication of article. Authors have to pay only online maintenance charges of article.


Standard Authors:

  • For Standard Indian Authors -   INR 1500 (For one entire research paper)
  • For Standard Indian Authors -   INR 1800 (For one entire research paper with hardcopy of the certificate)
  • For Other Countries NRI authors - USD $40 (For one entire research paper )


Reviewer Board Member

  • For Reviewer Board Member Indian Authors - INR 1000  (For one entire research paper)
  • For Reviewer Board Member Indian Authors - INR 1200  (For one entire research paper with hard copy of certificate)
  • For Reviewer Board Member NRI Authors - USD 30 $  (For one entire research paper)


Offline Paymet
Online Payment



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