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IJREST International Journal for Research in Emerging Science and Technology is the international journal for publishing the scholarly articles. IJREST has been register and assigned the ISSN (Online):2349-7610 by National Science Library India and ISSN (NISCAIR). Under the journal title publishing the emerging science and technology articles.

We provide the environment to young and professional researchers for publish their work at scholarly platform. The journal scope focused on science, social-science, engineering, and technology research article consider for publication. The Journal basically focused on original and review articles for process and publication. The journal primary focused on the quality review articles preparation and publication under the scope of the journal.

Aim and Scope

The journal promotes the research and motivate to young and professional researchers to publish their work in our journal. Our primary focus on the spreads the awareness to academic student who are the beginner in their researcher career and authors of the articles about the ethics of the publication also promote and guide them to preparation of manuscript, way of writing the manuscript, and publishing their articles at scholarly platform. The journal also aims to aware all authors about authorships, plagiarisms, self-plagiarisms, copyright, violations of copyright, citation, and good ethics of publication. Also spreading awareness to educational and research institutes or organization for creation of quality content articles given to science and technology world for exploring innovations and research. The journal also having following aims and goals for quality content article publications.

  • Motivate and guide the undergraduate and postgraduate student for review articles that opens the new area of the research and having scope for more research and innovations.
  • Motivate to create and publish the articles under the journal scope have beneficial for developments of social, social-economic, environmental, and humanities.
  • Motivate review articles preparation and publication that suggest new area of research for researchers, suggest pros and cons of existing works, suggestion of enhancement of existing work which is helpful for work of other authors.
  • Creation of publication schemes for students and women authors (like free publication).
  • The journal set the aim and goal as point of view to become the industries as research oriented in India and rest of the worlds.

Future Aim and Scope

  • The journal work for good ethical publication policies developments.
  • Quality content original and review article publication.
  • Include the quality content book reviews.
  • In future journal take the effort in direction of reparation and publication the article of life science.
  • The journal understands the social responsibility of research in India and rest of the world and motivates the beginner and professional researchers for publishing the quality content article by following international and journal publication ethics.
  • The journal creating the policies for authors to publish the articles in the journal without any article processing charge
  • Take initiation for came all Indian journal under one shade.
  • Forming the committee for publication ethics defining and declarations.
  • Take effort for include the articles in journal on life science, clinical report and review.
  • Conducting online and offline training for Authors, Reviewers, and Editors.


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