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 Volume-3, Issue-12, Dec-2016

Title:  Analysis of Biological Efficacy Data of Piperazine Analogues

Authors: Mohammed Al-Ghorbani, Vidya R., Abdulrahman Algabri, Adel Almarashi and Shaukath Ara Khanum

Page: 1-7

Title:  Effect of Different Column Shapes on Seismic Performance of Buildings: A Review 

Authors: Shruti S. Ladvikar and Ashok R. Mundhada

Page: 8-11

Title:  Review Paper on Partial Replacement of Cement with Waste Material

Authors: Siji Joseph, Grace Mary Abraham and Prathibha Rose G

Page: 12-14

Title:  Review Paper on Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC)

Authors: Alina Anand, Grace Mary Abraham and Jessymol George

Page: 15-21

Title:  Analysis of a Steel Frame Building With and Without Shear Walls and Bracings – X and V-Type Braces

Authors: Veerni Lakshmi and Ch Swathi

Page: 22-28

Title:  Studies on the Growth and Characterization of Pure and Thiourea doped Triglycine Zinc Sulphate Single Crystals 

Authors: P. Surya and M. Mary Freeda

Page: 29-34

Title:  Stability Studies on Ascorbic Acid content in various fruits, Vegetables and their Cocktail Juices 

Authors: S. Chaitanya Kumari and Dr. P. Naga Padma

Page: 35-39

Title:  Seismic Analysis of Multistoried RCC Building on Sloping Ground

Authors: Roser J. Robert and Ranjana M. Ghate

Page: 40-45