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Started from Apr 2015

 Volume-2, Issue-7, July-2015

Title:  A Detailed Analysis of Educational Data Mining

Authors: Ravi Tiwari and Awadhesh Kumar Sharma

Page: 1-4

Title:  Review on Field Oriented Control of Induction Motor

Authors: Ayman Y. Yousef and S.M. Abdelmaksoud

Page: 5-16

Title:  Reduction of Diesel Engine Emissions Using Catalytic Converter with Nano Aluminium Oxide Catalyst

Authors: C. Syed Aalam, Dr. C.G. Saravanan and C. Mohamed Samath

Page: 17-22

Title:  Harvesting of Oil Palm- an Ambitious Task Behind Ag. Engineers

Authors: Kusuma Guturu and Vidhan singh. T

Page: 23-27

Title:  Node Verification to Prohibit Flooding Attack in Mobile Ad-hoc Network

Authors: Anup Wanjari and Mrs.Vidya Dhamdhere

Page: 27-33

Title:  Analysis of Delamination in Composite Materials Using FEM Simulation

Authors: A. Hemalatha, M.Peeraiah and A.Venugopal

Page: 34-38

Title:  Analysis of Burner for Biogas by Computational Fluid Dynamics and Optimization of Design by Genetic Algorithm

Authors: Mr. Prashant Jadhav and Prof. D. S. S. Sudhakar

Page: 39-44

Title:  Topological Optimization of Linear Elastic Isotropic Structures Using ANSYS based Optimality Criterion Approach

Authors: Vani Taklikar and Anadi Misra

Page: 45-49

Title:  Image Denoising in Hand Written Document for Degraded Documents using Wiener Filter Algorithm

Authors: Sanjay Chandra Arya, Rajesh Shyam Singh and Hardwari Lal Mandoria

Page: 50-56

Title:  A Case Study on SCADA Implementation in 220 kV Substation

Authors: Vinuta V Koluragi

Page: 57-67