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Started from Apr 2015

 Volume-2, Issue-6, Jun-2015

Title:  Privacy Preserving Association Rule Mining Using Horizontally Partition Data

Authors: Arpita B. Modh

Page: 1-5

Title:  Review on Enhancement of Finger Vein Using Segmentation and Neural Networks

Authors: Arshdeep Kaur and Abhinav Mishra

Page: 6-10

Title:  FDTD Computation for Schumann Resonance on Martian surface

Authors: Shrenik Mehta, Rutva Safi, Siddharth Joshi and Arpit Shah

Page: 11-19

Title:  Authors' Suggestions to Improve the Quality of KRUSHIGOVIDYA Farm Magazine

Authors: Bhavik Patel, Dr. Mahesh R. Patel, Sunny Jani, Dr. Arun Patel and Dr. J. G. Patel

Page: 20-25

Title:  Agriculture Awareness among Member Farmers of Gram Kisan Samiti Established Under the Centre for Communication Network

Authors: Bhavik Patel, Dr. Mahesh R. Patel, Sunny Jani, Dr. Arun Patel and Dr. J. G. Patel

Page: 26-31

Title:  Adaptive Perturb and Observe-Fuzzy Control Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Boost DC-DC Converter

Authors: Pooja Singh and Dr. Sudha Arora

Page: 32-38

Title:  Green House Emissions along South West Coast of India-A Neural Net Work Modeling

Authors: R.Gladis Latha, D.Vetha Roy and R.Krishna Sharma

Page: 39-44

Title:  Comparison of Outputs for Dry EDM and EDM with Oil: A Review

Authors: Pradeep Singh, Arun Kumar Chaudhary, Tirath Singh and Amit Kumar Rana

Page: 45-49

Title:  Circuit Breaker Kinematic Analysis

Authors: Vivek Sairu Naik and R.K.Tavildar

Page: 50-59

Title:  Optimization of Process Parameters in CNC End Milling of Glass - Fibre Reinforced Plastic

Authors: K.G.Durga Prasad, M.V.Prasad and K.Venkata Subbaiah

Page: 60-67