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Started from Apr 2015

 Volume-2, Issue-5, May -2015

Title:  A Review on Remote Sensing Technique: Concept and Principles

Authors: Astha Gautam and Naina Mehta

Page: 1-6

Title:  Low Power and Area Efficient Design of 1-Bit CMOS Comparator Using Different Foundry

Authors: Pranay Kumar Rahi, Shashi Dewangan, Sanjay Mirania and Md Muzaherul Haque

Page: 7-11

Title:  Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Based Noise Reduction Technique in Image Processing

Authors: Mr. Parag S. Bhiwadare, Prof. Mithilesh Mahendra and Prof. Parag Jawarkar

Page: 12-15

Title:  Design and Development of a Notched Ring Shaped Miniature Specimen and Its Test Setup to Study the Mechanical Behavior of Metals

Authors: F.Hafeez and A.Husain

Page: 16-19

Title:  Resource Procurement Mechanism Scheme with E-Duplication for Cloud Computing

Authors: J. Abinaya and Mrs.K.Jenitha

Page: 20-27

Title:  A Novel Approach on Automatic Video Indexing Based on Optical Character Recognition Techniques

Authors: Ms.G.Vigneshwari and Mrs. A. Noble Mary Juliet

Page: 28-32

Title:  Product Aspect Ranking Using One Class Clustering Tree

Authors: M.ReenaBanu, S.Varirachilai and Dr. Karpagaselvi Subramanian

Page: 33-38

Title:  Eliminating Shilling Attacks in Trustworthy based Online Recommender Systems

Authors: MrsS.Vairachilai, R. Poornima Priyanka and K.M.Ponsurya

Page: 39-43

Title:  Efficient Protocol for Integrity Checking and Information Storage in Multicloud

Authors: P. Janani Chandra and Miss. I. Janani

Page: 44-48

Title:  Comparative Study of Image Segmentation using Variants of Self Organizing Maps (SOM)

Authors: Sanchari Sengupta, Sonal Verma, Srishti Mull and Sourav Paul

Page: 49-53