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 Volume-2, Issue-12, Dec-2015

Title:  Secure & Efficient Communication in VANET with Advance AODV Routing Protocol (AAP)

Authors: Kamlesh Namdev and Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh

Page: 1-5

Title:  Segmentation of Lung Nodule in Chest CT Using Different Segmentation Technique

Authors: G.Priyanka and T.Vishnu Priya

Page: 6-10

Title:  Targets Recognition of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis H37RV, Protein-Protein Interactions of Cell Cycle Genes and Its Phylogenetic Analysis.

Authors: Faizan Ahmad, Kaushal K. Chandrul, Huma Naz and Neeraj Tandan

Page: 11-13

Title:  Statistical Texture Feature Analysis & Segmentation for MRI Abnormalities Detection

Authors: Mayanka Peters and Ankita Pandey

Page: 14-18

Title:  A Decoupling Technique for Improving Isolation in MIMO Antenna

Authors: Vilas Mapare and Dr. G. G. Sarate

Page: 19-23

Title:  Isolation Enhancement in MIMO Antenna for 4G

Authors: Vilas Mapare and Dr. G. G. Sarate

Page: 24-29

Title:  Review on Optical Character Recognition and Signature Recognition and Verification Technique

Authors:  Fenil Maisuria, Nil Patel, Jignesh Bhakta, Kush Ahir, Krunal Solanki and Gayatri Patel

Page: 30-34

Title:  Stress Strain Behaviour Analysis of Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Soil

Authors: Shashank Verma, Saman Khan, Roohul Abad Khan and Amadur Rahman Khan

Page: 35-38

Title:  An Effective Approach to Task Scheduling In Cloud Computing Using Genetic Algorithm

Authors: R. Durga Lakshm and N Srinivasu

Page: 39-44

Title:  Growth and Studies on Lithium Sulphate Doped Zinc Tris Thiourea Sulphate Single Crystals

Authors: P. Dhanya and Fernando Loretta

Page: 45-49