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 Volume-1, Issue-6, November-2014

Title:  A Survey on Methods of Abstractive Text Summarization

Authors:  N. R. Kasture, Neha Yargal, Neha Nityanand Singh, Neha Kulkarni and Vijay Mathur

Page: 53-57

Title:  Detection of Malicious Applications using Permission Based Retrieval

Authors:  Chandrika Kapre, Aparna Harikumar, Rajeshwari Chandratre and Dhaval S.Adhav

Page: 58-61

Title:  Trinity for Unconfirmed Web Data Extraction by using Different Algorithm

Authors:  Priyadharshini.V, Thamaraiselvi.K and Sowmiyaa.P

Page: 62-65

Title:  Privacy Protection using Various Algorithms in Personalized Web Search

Authors:  Nivi.A.N, Vanitha.S, Saranya.K.R and Yamini.S

Page: 66-70

Title:  A Study on Relation Extraction Method for a Web Search Query

Authors:  Sowmiyaa P, Nidhya R and Priyadharshini V

Page: 71-75

Title:   Hit Sort: A New Generic Sorting Algorithm

Authors:  Hitesh Nagpal

Page:  76-79

Title:   The Shore Temple – An Aesthetic Architectural Ecstasy

Authors:   Dr. S. A.V. Elanchezian

Page:  80-86

Title:   Desktop Delivery through Cloud Computing

Authors:   Kothari Nikita, Lingewadikar Pratik,Kumbhar Pranav and Karande Pankaj

Page:  87-90