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 Volume-1, Issue-5, October-2014

Title:  Contemporary House with Vernacular Elements Effect on Natural Ventilation in Tropical Climate

Authors: Izudinshah Abd. Wahab and Lokman Hakim Ismail
Page: 1-8

Title:  Review Paper on Routing Protocol Centralized Energy Efficient Clustering (CEEC) for Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: Pallavi V. Balki , Shubhangi Degare
Page: 9-13

Title:  Integrated Road Traffic Accident Systems (IRTAS) for Emergency Service Providers

Authors: A. A. Mustaffa, K. Hokoa, M.M. Rohani, M.Y. Aman and M.B. Saifullizan
Page: 14-21

Title:  Review of Aspect Based Opinion Polling

Authors: S. A Kanade, S. Shibu and Abhishek Chauhan
Page: 22-25

Title:  Survey of Soft Biometrics and Their Application for Person Recognition

Authors: Selva Priya.G and Anitha.P

Page: 26-29

Title:  Rare Multi Perspective Visualization on Daksha Samhara

Authors: S. A. V. Elanchezian

Page: 30-35

Title:  Whether Perception or Expert Paradigm? Assessing Scenic Beauty of Nature Based Landscape

Authors: Jamilah Othman and Nur Shazwani Rosli

Page: 36-43

Title:  Autonomous Cruise-Control an Innovative Model

Authors: S. Sakthivel and K. Krishna Das

Page: 44-47

Title:  Cartesian Product on Fuzzy Prime and Fuzzy Semiprime Ideals of Ordered Semigroups

Authors: R. Saritha
Page: 48-51