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 Volume-1, Issue-4, September-2014

Title:  Impact of Drought on Osmotic Adjustment, Antioxidant Enzymes and Yield in Contrasting Genotypes of Tomato   

           (Solanum Lycopersicum)

Authors: R. Sivakumar, D. Durga Devi, C. N. Chandrasekar, S. Nithila

Page: 51-60

Title: Scenario of Coconut Pests in Konkan Region of Maharashtra

Authors: S. S. Gurav, R. G. Khandekar, V. S. Sawant, A. L. Narangalkar

Page: 61-62

Title: Performance of Morinda Citrofolia as Mixed Crop in Coconut under Konkan Region of Maharashtra

Authors: R.G.Khandekar, D.D.Nagwekar, V.S.Sawant, S.S.Gurav, P.M.Haldankar

Page: 63-66