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 Volume-3, Special Issue-1, NCRTCT'16

Title:  Discovering Software Dependencies in Mobile Ad hoc Networks via Cloud Services

Authors: Anitha M and Karthik S

Page: 1-6

Title:  A Fast Clustering Features Based on Sub Selection Algorithm in Big Data Using Fidoop

Authors: M.Keerthana, S.Priyanka, N.Ramya and C.Porkodi

Page: 6-9

Title:  Negotiate Emulation Data Prefetching in Diffuse File Conformity for Cloud Enumerate

Authors: Anu D and Anu Priya A

Page: 10-14

Title:  A Cloud Based SOA for Agricultural Modernization

Authors: M.Begum Razeeya Sulthana and N.Gayathri Devi

Page: 15-19

Title:  Perseverance Force Load Stabilize and Purpose Escalate for the Cloud Ecosystem

Authors: Priyadharshini P and Kannabiran G

Page: 20-24

Title:  Map Reduce Performance in Delay Scheduling for Achieving Locality and Fairness Using Cluster Scheduling

Authors: R.Devi Bala and G.Pushpa Antanet Sheepa

Page: 25-30

Title:  Sampling Based Estimation of Terrestrial Biodiversity through Extrapolation Crowdsource

Authors: L.Vishnu Priya and M. Barathi

Page: 31-37

Title:  Privacy Policy Generation for User Uploaded Images on Content Sharing Sites using A3P Algorithm

Authors: Sumaiya Banu V I, Dr. A. Rajesh and Feroz Khan A B

Page: 38-43

Title:  Secured Public Auditing Scheme for Regenerating-Code-Based Cloud Storages

Authors: R. Sugumar, Dr.A.Rajesh and Deepa.C

Page: 44-49

Title:  A Survey on Big Data Mining Platforms, Algorithms and Handling Techniques

Authors: Rajkumar.D and Usha.S

Page: 50-55