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 Volume-3, Special Issue-1, NCRTCT'16

Title:  Mobile Computational Offloading Using Cloudlets
Authors: Shanthi A L and Dr. Ramesh V.

Page: 133-135

Title:  Interactive Voice Response System for Educational Institution
Authors: Lavanya.K and Karthi.C

Page: 136-142

Title:  Adaption of Intelligent Traffic Clouds for Smart Cities Traffic Management System
Authors: Karthi.C and Lavanya.K

Page: 143-149

Title:  ACPN: A Novel Authentication Framework with using Roadside Units (RSU) Conditional Privacy-
Preservation and Non-Repudiation for VANETs

Authors: B.Tamilselvi, Mr.S.BharathBabu and Mis.K.Lavanya

Page: 150-154

Title:  IVRS and DTMF based Mobile Voting System
Authors: Mr.S. Inbaraj, Mr.C. Karthi, and Mis.K. Lavanya

Page: 155-159

Title:  Adaptive Sentiment Classification on Dynamic Tweets
Authors: Mr.K.Vinodh, Mr.C. Karthi and Mis.K. Lavanya

Page: 160-162

Title:  A Survey on a Uniting Framework of Mining Trajectory Forms of various Secular Stiffness
Authors: Mr.G.Seenuvasan, Mr.C. Karthi, and Mis.K. Lavanya

Page: 163-166






Title:  A Study on to Detect Unknown Computer Worms Using Artificial Neural Networks
Authors: K. Vijayarangan and K. Gnana Sambandam

Page: 119-121

Title:  A Multihop Algorithm for DTN Using Information Centric Network
Authors: S. Bharathbabu and M. Bhavani

Page: 122-126

Title:  Ad-Hoc Mobile Clouds using Hadoop
Authors: V. Suganya and D. B. Shanmugam

Page: 127-132