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 Volume-3, Special Issue-1, NCRTCT'16

Title:  Multi Proxy Resignature with Public Auditing of Shared Cloud Data for User Revocation
Authors: Ms.K.Valli and Ms.A.Punitha

Page: 74-76

Title:  Recent Advancements and Future Challenges in Submarine Acoustic System Using Sensor and Resource Innovation Algorithm
Authors: Ms.G. Arun kumari, Mrs.G Sangeetha Lakshmi and Ms. A.Siva Sankari

Page: 77-84

Title:  Real Time Online Thermal Mapping of Critical Components in Data Center

Authors: Mrs. S.K. Kavitha,Ms.A. Siva Sankari and Mrs.B.Arulmozhi
Page: 85-93

Title:  Privacy Preservation in Association Rule Mining
Authors: J. Sumithra Devi and M.Ramakrishnan

Page: 94-98

Title:   Designing Energy Efficient Framework for Building Using Internet of Things

Authors: K.Prem Kumar, A.Carishmarahamathi, R.Elavarasi and V.Priyadharshini
Page: 99-103

Title:  An Modified Un-Even Hexagonal Block Search Algorithm For Fast Motion Estimation In Video Coding
Authors: R.Sudhakar and S.Letitia

Page: 104-110

Title:  Spatial Data Mining Techniques
Authors: Dr. J.Dhillipan, K.Dhakshnamurthy and D.B.Shanmugam

Page: 111-118






Title:  Hierarchical Clustering on Massive Datasets
Authors: K.Maheswari and M.Ramakrishnan

Page: 56-59

Title:  A Smart Method to Scrutinize and Plan for Urban Solid Waste Management Using Smart-M3 and Ontology Networking
Authors: Mrs. V.Priyavadana, Ms. A.Siva Sankari and Mr. R.Senthil Kumar

Page: 60-67

Title:  Efficient Mining of Association Rules Using Closed High Utility Item Set Lattice
Authors: R.Radhika and K.Sudhakar

Page: 68-73